Shock Dyno Mounts for CTW and Roehrig Tools

Dyno Clevis Pin


3/8" Dyno Clevis Pin is used with the Shock Eyelet and Clevis Mounts.

Lower Fork Base


Lower Fork Base is used with Fork Axle Sleeves (see below) to mount single or dual tubes.

Fits on 5/8"-18 UNF threaded post with a nut.

Lower Fork Axle Sleeve Sets (used with the Lower Fork Base


Axle Sleeves are available as 3 part sets. All three parts are the same OD and different on the ID:

One is non-threaded. It is used in the middle of a dual leg setup.
The second has a recess for the Allen Bolt Head. It is used in a dual leg setup.
The third is threaded on both ends. It is used by itself for single leg mounting (shown below). It is also used in dual leg mounting on the outside.

Here is a cross section view of a Dual Fork Leg Setup.

Note - The Upper Dual Fork Mount is required for dual setup.

Most forks require two different diameters to mount a pair of fork tubes.

TSDY FAM20 - 20mm -

TSDY FAM22 - 22mm -

TSDY FAM25 - 25mm -

TSDY FAM26 - 26mm -

TSDY FAM27 - 27mm -

TSDY FAM28 - 28mm -

TSDY FAM30 - 30mm -

TSDY FAM32 - 32mm -

Complete Set

Or save a bit and get the complete set including all 8 sets (24 sleeves) listed above.

TSDY FAMS01 20-32mm -



This is a combination of:
Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 and
a single Fork Axle Sleeve - TSDY FAM Series


This is a combination of:
Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 and
two Fork Axle Sleeve Sets - TSDY FAM Series (two, because the left and right are usually different diameters).

Mountain Bike Lower Adapter (shown with Lower Fork Base)


The MTB Adapter clamps onto the fork axle.

It fits 12 - 20mm axles, 0 - 70mm offsets (the cycling world often calls it rake).

Requires a Lower Fork Base - TSDY FAMB01 (shown)

Upper Fork Base


The Upper Fork Base is used along with a Fork Tube Bushing (see below) to mount complete fork legs on the dyno.

Uses 64mm OD Bushings

5/8"-18 UNF thread

Upper Fork Tube Bushings


Fork Tube Bushings are available individually and used with the Upper Fork Base.

Bushings are 64mm OD

TSDY FTB28664 28.6mm (1 1/8") MTB -

TSDY FTB4464 44mm -

TSDY FTB4964 49mm -

TSDY FTB5064 50mm -

TSDY FTB5364 53mm -

TSDY FTB5464 54mm -

TSDY FTB5564 55mm -

TSDY FTB5664 56mm -

TSDY FTB5764 57mm -

Complete Set

Or save a bit and get the complete set. Includes all 9 sleeves listed above.
TSDY FTBS6401 28.6-57mm -

Upper Dual Fork Mount


The Upper Dual Fork Mount allows a pair of tubes to be mounted at the same time. This is particularly useful for forks with compression on one leg and rebound on the other.

Requires two Upper Fork Bases and Tube Bushings.



You will need to purchase two Upper Fork Bases (TSDY FTMB64) and the appropriate Upper Fork Tube Bushing (TSDY FTB Series).

Shock Clevis Mount


The Shock Clevis Mount has a 19mm threaded post.

The base has a taper to help center wider clevises.

5/8"-18 UNF thread

Shock Eyelet Mount


The Shock Eyelet Mount has a 43mm cutout width. It fits most shocks with eyelets.

The brass pin pushes down on the eyelet to take up slop in the heim bearing.

A second Shock Eyelet Mount is required for shocks with dual eyelets.

5/8"-18 UNF thread